A new management consisting of Chairman, Board of Directors and Managing Director duly constituted by the Government became functional in November 2017. Since then, the Board of Directors Meeting is held regularly every month which imparts momentum to the growth of Kexcon. Actions were initiated on priority basis in the early stages to complete all statutory obligations pending since 2015 and brought them up to date. Some achievements of the management since then.


  • Completion/updating of the following statutory obligations
    • Pending Annual General Meetings (AGM) from 2015 to 2017 were conducted as per rules and report submitted to the Government in March 2018.
    • Pending Annual Administration Reports for the years from 2015 to 2017 and that of 2018 were prepared and submitted to the Government duly approved by the Board of Directors by November 2018. The Annual Administration Report for the year 2018-19 was submitted in November 2019
    • Pending Annual Financial Reports for the years 2015-16 and 2016-17 were also prepared simultaneously and submitted to the Government in May 2018 duly audited. The reports of 2017-18 and 2018-19 were submitted to the Government duly audited in December 2018 and 2019 respectively
    • Similarly, all Annual Financial Reports and Administration Reports for the year 2019-20 have also been completed and submitted to the Government.
  • All statutory information like the appointment of new Board of Directors, change of address of Kexcon Office, digital signatures of Board Members etc have been updated with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) with the help of our Company Secretary, M/s. PSN Associates
  • Kexcon did not have approved staff pattern and staff posts. Proposals for creation of these were prepared and submitted to the Government in 2018 which were approved in 2019
  • Conjointly, draft Staff Rules and Special Rules were also prepared in January 2018 and submitted for Government approval
  • Large amounts were pending realization from various client organizations for services rendered by Kexcon in the past. A proactive policy enabled the receipt of considerable dues. The efforts are being pursued zealously
  • Advertisements are placed in local dailies in November every year since 2017 as a policy inviting applications from job-seeking Ex-Servicemen (ESM) of the State based on which Rank Lists are prepared for the ensuing years forming the basis for selecting ESM for rehabilitation jobs
  • Rank lists are prepared for the ESM widows and dependents as well. Some of them were employed with Kexcon office and various Government Medical Colleges at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam (Paripally) and Earnakulam after undergoing tests and interviews
  • Multiple problems were found with the accounting software used by Kexcon. Therefore, a software company named M/s Raintel Technologies was selected with the help of Kerala IT Mission and Kerala Start-up Mission in 2019 to develop a new and advanced application software named ‘Kexcon Facility Management System’ alongwith a new website.
  • All activities directed by the State ‘Haritha Mission’ are being fully complied with.
  • All complaints pertaining to Kexcon pending with the Chief Minister’s Computer Complaints (eradication) Cell since 2016 were addressed and replied and it is being monitored regularly
  • Kexcon had been imposed huge penalties for delayed payments of EPF/Service Tax/GST/TDS etc in the past. The matter has been taken up with the EPF/GST Commission/IT Department. In one case appropriate intervention with the GST Commission resulted in reduction of the penalty before it was settled in 2019.
  • Timely remittances of all statutory payments like EPF/Service Tax/GST etc. are being ensured and no penalties have been imposed since November 2017.
  • Kexcon contributed Rs.10 Lakhs towards CMDRF on 27 Sep 2018. The cheque was presented to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri Pinarayi Vijayan by the Chairman and MD alongwith the Board of Directors.


Financial Year 2019-20


  • Kexcon did not hold a licence under the Private Securities Regulation Act (PSARA) 2005 which was implemented in Kerala in 2012. It prevented Kexcon from applying for many securities related proposals. Application for the licence was submitted to the Government duly following all procedures. It was granted in 2019 and is being fully utilized since.
  • 30 technically qualified ESM were selected and trained in solar panel installation under the aegis of Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) and Centre for Management Development (CMD) in October 2019 to undertake works of the Kexcon ‘House of Skill-Solar Panel Installation Project’
  • The Government allotted Rs.32 Lakhs from the State Budget for the Year 2019-20 for implementing welfare-oriented rehabilitation projects named ‘Uniform & Garments Manufacturing Project’’ for widows and dependents and ‘House of Skill-Solar Panel Installation Project’’ for the ESM
  • The Kexcon ‘Uniform & Garments Manufacturing Project’ andHouse of Skill-Solar Panel Installation Project’ were inaugurated by Sri. EP Jayarajan, Honourable Minster for Industries and Youth Affairs at a grand function held at Thiruvananthapuram on 27 February 2019. A new Brochure of Kexcon was also released on the occasion
  • Production of three units of ‘Uniform & Garments Manufacturing Project’-Phase-I set up with two units at Thiruvananthapuram and one unit at Thalassery (Kannur) alongwith the activities of ‘House of Skill-Solar Panel Installation Project’-Phase-I commenced in April 2019. The projects achieved 90% and 70% of their laid down targets respectively during the year 2019-20
  • The first assignment of the ‘House of Skill-Solar Panel Installation Project’ was successfully completed by installing a 18KWp solar panel power system on the roof of Panchajanyam Auditorium under the Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple Complex in December 2019
  • Kexcon also undertook a ‘Pay & Park Project’ during the year 2019-20 for parking of public vehicles at Thampanoor parking ground (near Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station) under the aegis of Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram
  • Application for Government accreditation to implement solar panel installation works was applied through the Chief Technical Examiner (CTE) and the ‘Accreditation’ was received in February 2020 according to which Kexcon can undertake works in the segment valued upto Rs.50 Lakhs at a time and works valued upto Rs.5 Crores in a year. The accreditation is valid for a period of three years
  • As a result of the accreditation by the Government, Kexcon was able to undertake and successfully complete three on-grid solar panel installation projects with total power capacity of 23.2 KWp upto March 2020
  • 50 Lakhs were allotted from the State Budget for implementation of three projects proposed by Kexcon, viz, ‘Uniform & Garments Manufacturing Project’-Phase II, ‘House of Skill-Solar Panel Installation Project’-Phase II and Kexcon Neethi Medicals Project during the Year 2020-21. This is the second consecutive year that the Government has allotted funds for the welfare-oriented projects being implemented by Kexcon.
  • As per the report published by the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) of the Kerala for the year 2018-19, Kexcon has been placed at the top spot amongst the welfare PSUs of the State and among the top 10 organisations earning revenue for the State.
  • The agreement for continued employment of 209 ESM with the Judicial Magistrate Courts was getting terminated in March 2020 and they did not favour renewal for various reasons. The timely intervention and pursuance by Kexcon at various levels of the Govt including the Hon’ble CM’s Office helped in issue of Govt orders to renew the agreement.
  • The following legal cases filed by Kexcon have earned favourable verdicts through Courts.
  1. Payment of damages for late remittance of EPF contributions due to late payments by BSNL- Stay obtained
  2. Termination of contract deploying ESM as security staff with KTDC-Stay obtained for continued deployment
  3. Case regarding payment of very low daily wages to ESM security guards deployed with Medical College Thiruvananthapuram and Kottayam-court has ruled to pay wages to ESM as per Govt orders. However, it has not been implemented by the respective Medical College authorities.
  4. Plea to employ ESM by Kexcon as security guards with Kollam Corporation and Konni Medical College as against their proposal to engage private agencies. While the ESM are yet to be deployed with the former whereas 10 ESM have been deployed with the latter with effect from 01.06.2021.
  • All complaints lodged with the CM Grievance redressal cell have been addressed by Kexcon and there are none pending for action as on date.


Financial Year 2020-21


  • A cheque for Rs.20 Lakhs was presented to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri Pinarayi Vijayan by the MD alongwith a member of the Board of Directors on 01 June 2020 as Kexcon’s contribution to CMDRF towards the cause of eradicating the Covid-19 pandemic. Another 10 Lakhs were contributed by Kexcon to the CMDRF in February 21. These were the second and third contributions by Kexcon to the CMDRF. Thus, a total of Rs.40 Lakhs have been contributed by Kexcon to CMDRF since 2018.
  • The development works of Kexcon website and application software pursued since 2018 was completed and the new website became functional on 17 August 2020. It is intended to further migrate the site to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which has been registered and space allotted in State Data Centre (SDC). The security testing of contents for the purpose is in progress. The Kexcon website facilitates the following among others.
  1. Online registration by ESM and dependents
  2. Submission of online application for employment every year
  3. Publication of advertisements for job vacancies, award of scholarship to children of ESM, calling for quotations in connection with purchases for projects etc.
  4. Generation of invoices online for various services provided by Kexcon
  5. Generation of online Pay slip by the Ex-servicemen
  6. Annual Rank List for rehabilitation is published on the website
  7. Any new policy matters are also published in the website


  • The Govt made budgetary allocation of Rs.50 lakhs from the Plan Funds during the year 2020-21 for implementation of Phase II of the Uniform and Garments Manufacturing Project and the House of Skills-Solar Panel Installation Project and for the newly conceived Kexcon Neethi Medicals Project. A third unit was added to the Uniform project during the year. However, the projects could not achieve the proposed targets due lock-down restrictions imposed by the Govt to contain the spread of Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Eight on-grid solar panel installation projects were implemented during the year 2020-21 for the Diary Development Societies in Palakkad and Thrissur districts to generate 80 KWp with a total estimate of Rs.52 Lakhs
  • 1459 Ex-servicemen/dependents were additionally given rehabilitation employment on security and other allied jobs during the year 2019-20 and another 962 during the year 2020-21, taking the total rehabilitated to 2421 since the year 2017.


Financial Year 2021-22

  • Understanding had been reached with KSEB Ltd to implement small-scale solar panel installation projects under their REES project. As such, Kexcon submitted two Solar Panel installation project proposals to be implemented under the supervision of KSEB. The projects will be implemented during the year.


  1. Solar Power Generating System 30KWp for Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KDMA).
  2. Solar Power Generating System 20KWp for Directorate of Indian System of Medicine, Arogya Bhavan.


  • Simultaneously, 8 new Solar Projects with capacities from 5 to 10 KWp are being implemented for the Diary Department in different districts.
  • The first unit of the newly conceived project, ie, Kexcon Neethi Medicals, will be fully functional by the 2nd week of August 2021 at Thalassery, Kannur District. The Corporation intends to set up one more such outlet in Trivandrum district within next 3-4 months during the financial year.
  • A new hall has been constructed using aluminum fabrication for functioning of the Uniform & Garments Manufacturing Project in the Kexcon office complex Thiruvananthapuram.
  • The production units of the Uniform & Garments Manufacturing Project are operational in the newly constructed Project Hall.
  • Besides welfare projects, the other welfare activities of the Corporation are:
    • Cash awards of Rs.5000/- each to children of Ex-Servicemen (ESM) who secure A+ grades in all subjects in 10th & 12th Board examin ations. 38 Children were given the award for achievements of the previous academic year.
    • Financial assistance of Rs. One Lakh to the families of those ESM who expire due to Covid effects and Rs.20,000/- in case of those who expire due to any other cause, while being in the employment sponsored by Kexcon